Nutrition and Allergy info

We are a home based bakery to which we use one half of our kitchen to make our non-gluten vegan produce.  All of our cakes and bakes are made using gluten free ingredients, however some of our kitchen handles gluten (primarily our toaster and family fridge, which we do not use for our business, and are on opposite ends of the kitchen where we never handle our baked goods) 

 We do not use wheat flour in our kitchen so we can avoid airborne gluten contamination as best as possible, use separate utensils, and wash all of our business equipment separately to further avoid gluten contamination.

We are hoping to gain a gluten free certificate in the future. Watch this space!

We have a 5 star hygiene rating which can be viewed on the Lewes council website

All of our produce contains nuts, we also use peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, celery, mustard, dried flowers, and dried fruit containing sulphites in our kitchen.
We are aiming to abolish the use of celery, soya and mustard but have not got a set date for this goal. Please feel free to message us for more details.

Most of our cakes do not contain soya, however they are made in an environment where soya is used.  The chocolate that we use usually either contains soya or may contain traces.

None of our cakes are sugar free or low gi, so may not be suitable of diabetics. However we are currently building a healthier cake menu using lower gi flours such as gluten free oat and buckwheat flour, and natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar and agave.

Our kitchen only uses vegan ingredients.
eggs, honey, gelatine, shellac, fish, meat and dairy are never used in our kitchen.

Some of our flavourings are artificial (and vegan of course) - however we do use many natural flavourings also, it really depends what you want and we are happy to tell you what natural flavourings we have.

If you have specific food intolerances or any unusual allergies, please do contact us.
(replace the AT with @ - we do this to avoid spam)

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